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Years of experience in the health industry has given SensiHealth Consultants results that we are proud of. Here are some of them, straight from our happy patients.

Jon, Victoria Park

I just wanted to thank Lena for the care and attention paid to my condition. I had a chat with Lena about my blood pressure and we discussed my preference for natural methods as opposed to drugs however I personally didn't really think about the information that I was passing on to her. Lena suggested a natural alternative which lowered my base reading from 180/120 to 150/90.

After consulting with my doctor the on my next visit he in turn reduced the dosage of my prescribed medication and I've not felt this good in a long time. Given her attention to the small details and genuine desire to care for others I find this very reassuring. I also feel that should other new natural methods become available I will be made aware of them via Lena far sooner than if I was to be processed through the sausage machine called Health care. Thank you again Lena for making a difference. 

Alma, Safety Bay, August 2012.

Over the last 4 and a half years I have had continual problems with a rash on my lower legs and fingers on both hands (see pictures) and at the same time problems with Vertigo and Alopecia. During this time I have been to several GP’s, Skin Sepcialist and Natropath. Each time I would be given something different to try eg Cortisone, antibiotics, prescribed creams and natural ones, even tried Honey straight from the Bee Hive (one of my clients brought in after seeing the state my fingers and legs were in).  Each time I tried something different I would notice a slight improvement for about 2 weeks and then all would flair again. I needed answers as to waht was causing it (not just band aid fix, but could not get any satisfaction.

January 2012 I was catching up with a friend, who was also concerned and and referred me to her pharmacist, Lena.  
After consulting with me, Lena advised me on some dietary changes which included cutting out my comfort food chocolate among a list of other things, and added a number of vitamins and minerals as she saw signs in me that showed my body wasnt at optimal levels. She also suggested a type of probiotic.

I started straight away and could not believe the results in just 2 weeks (see pictures) I ended up with 3 months relief and then experienced some ups and down but now under control again. During all of this Lena has been right behind me with her caring support and concern for my wellbeing which is much appreciated. I cannot thank Lena enough for this.

JC, Floreat WA 6014


I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for several years. It had got to the point where I seemed to have tried everything and was still suffering from constipation and bloating all the time. I saw several doctors, a gastroenterologist, a dietician, and even tried alternative methods such as hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques. All that worked were Epsom salts, which are harsh and unnatural, and even then they only relieved some of my symptoms temporarily.

I was losing hope of ever finding a solution, and then my friend referred me to you. After a long chat about my health history you started me on probiotics and recommended other supplements. I noticed a reduction in bloating in the first week, and after two weeks my symptoms had significantly improved. I couldn’t believe it! Now several months later I am not only physically much healthier, but I am a much happier person, and can spend more time enjoying life rather than worrying about my IBS. Thank you so much for this.

LS,  Morley WA 6062

Most of my life I have been troubled with allergies. The doctors I saw over a great number of years treated me with a variety of tablets including antibiotics, on the whole making me feel as though I was imagining most of my symptoms. I had a very painful throat and finally got a doctor to write a referral to and Ear nose & throat specialist. After a blood test I was told I had allergies through my blood stream and I would have to take antihistamine tablets the rest of my life.These worked well and it was a relief not to have a burning throat and a lot of the itching had gone.

However a few years ago I started to itch again, to be told by my then doctor it was because my skin was very dry. I tried different skin lotions from the doctor and pharmacy and different soaps without a good result. I got to the stage where having a good nights sleep was impossible.

I talked to Lena about my problem and after carefully listening to me she suggested some changes to my diet. I could not believe the difference it made. It only took a few days before I had a good night's rest.

I can not thank Lena enough for her caring and compassionate nature. To meet a person like this after having no result from different doctors has been a Godsend.

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